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Bent TV is a volunteer organisation encompassing an audio visual production group dedicated to creating
engaging visual media to contribute to an inclusive society that affirms and accepts sexual and gender diversity.

In The Thick Of It

Latest Segment

Friday January 19, 2015


Host:  Sammi Whitehead

Guest: Mish Glitter Pony

Topic: Sammi talks to Mish Glitter Pony from the Scarlett Alliance. Mish talks about their life as a transgender community activist and sex worker. A very refreshing and candid discussion about the sometimes fraught world of transgender sex work and how perceptions and attitudes have changed over the past few years. It is also really interesting to hear how sex workers across the globe are getting much organised and connected.

Friday January 05, 2015

Host:  Sammi Whitehead
Guest: Mish Glitter Pony

Topic: Sammi chats to Mish Glitter Pony of The Scarlet Alliance. Formed in 1989 as a national forum for sex workers across Australia, The Scarlet Alliance became a strong support and lobbying organisation for sex workers across the country. While the rights of sex workers have remarkably improved over the last 20 years, there clearly is still a whole lot more work to do. Did you know that once you register as a sex worker, you actually can't get taken off the list even if you stop working as a sex worker!



Monday July 07, 2014

Host:  Sammi Whitehead
Guest: Michelle Barber, Stephen Barber & Cameron Menzies

Topic: Sammi has had a busy week again. In this segment Sammi talks to Michelle, Stephen and Cameron of the Status Consortium a theatrical piece about people living with HIV/AIDs which is in the cultural program at the AIDS 2014 conference happening in Melbourne this month.



Friday July 21, 2014

Host:  Sammi Whitehead
Guest: Greer McGearey

Topic: Sammi Whitehead talks to one of the legendary stars of the Melbourne community, Greer McGearey about Seahorse Victoria. The group will have been around 40 years next year (2015)! That has got to be some kind of record for a GLBTI community where community groups don't tend to last long. Good on ya Seahorse, keep up the fantastic work.

Monday July 07, 2014

Host:  Sammi Whitehead
Guest: Dee Chryssomallos, Andrew Eklund, Dale Crane

Topic: Sammi chats it up with FTM shed members Dee, Andrew and Dale about their journey through the trans process. Geez, these guys leave me inspired by the way they manage the complications they have to face every day.

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