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Bent TV is a volunteer organisation encompassing an audio visual production group dedicated to creating
engaging visual media to contribute to an inclusive society that affirms and accepts sexual and gender diversity.

In Profile Tonight

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Friday December 11, 2015

Host:  Dean Beck

Panel: Rowena Allen

Topic: Dean chats with Victorian Gender and Sexuality Commissioner  Rowena Allen, an in-depth interview, into Rowena's early work in rural Victoria, work with faith based organisations, with the AFL, the Safer School campaign and what Rowena hopes to accomplish in the role.

Look out for the rural road show Rowena is embarking on with the fabulous Dolly Diamond coming soon.

Friday November 13, 2015

Host:  Dean Beck

Guest: Jason Tuazon-McCheyne

Topic: In Profile Tonight is hosted by community icon Dean Beck who interviews major movers and shakers in our political and social scene.

Dean's first guest is Jason Tuazon-McCheyne, the leader of one of Australia's newest political parties The Australian Equality Party.

In an extended in-depth interview, Jason talks about his journey through the legal challenges of having his marriage recognised in Australia, having a child, and entering into the political fray running for a Senate seat in the upcoming election.

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C31 / DIGITAL 44 @ 10.00pm