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Bent TV is a volunteer organisation encompassing an audio visual production group dedicated to creating
engaging visual media to contribute to an inclusive society that affirms and accepts sexual and gender diversity.

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Latest Segment

Friday May 29, 2015


Host:  Ginni Saraswati's

Guest: Sirah

Topic: We go to sunny Los Angeles for Part 2 of Ginni Saraswati's interview with Grammy award artist "Motel Bible" Sirah. Love hearing the behind-the-scenes story on the Grammy win especially the FedEx delivery. We give you stuff you won't get anywhere else!

Friday May 15, 2015


Host:  Ginni Saraswati's
Guest: Sirah

Topic: The globe trotting Ginni Saraswati catches up with the Grammy award winning artist Sirah in Los Angeles. Medicine men, nudists and racoon meat... watch and you will understand.

Monday May 12, 2015

Host:  Ginni Saraswati's
Guest: Parvati Sundari

Topic:  Ginni talks with her Guru, Parvati Sundari of Shanti Mission, after the first public performance of her powerful new song "Illumination" at the One Day Camp-Fest, held at the Footscray Community Arts Centre, during Melbourne's Midsumma Festival, 2014.

Friday April 03, 2015

Host:  Ginni Saraswati's
Guest: Noah Michelson and Curtis Wong

Topic: Ginni visits the offices of Huffington Post, and speaks with Noah and Curtis editors of Huffington Post Gay, one of the most popular GLBTIQ columns in the whole wide world. We get great insight into the workings of this cutting edge publication and how they cover GLBTIQ issues locally and internationally.



Monday April 14, 2014

Host:  Ginni Saraswati's
Guests: Adam Bouska, Jeff Parshley

Topic: Ginni presents the co-founders of the NOH8 Campaign, who may actually talk faster than Ginni, covering how it came to be, its humble beginnings through to the present day World Wide campaign. We intersperse their discussion with a taste of the NOH8 Campaign photo shoot held in Melbourne, February 15 2014. Visit www.noh8campaign.com for more info.



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