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Bent TV is a volunteer organisation encompassing an audio visual production group dedicated to creating
engaging visual media to contribute to an inclusive society that affirms and accepts sexual and gender diversity.

Bent TV 2012 - Season 2

Vic Bears

Seahorse Victoria

Queers & Religion

Secret Womens Business

Disability in the GLBTIQ Community

Variety Show #2

If you would like to talk about feelings these programs may have raised for you,
you may wish to contact www.switchboard.org.au

Become a Member

Bent TV is one of the only visual media organisations dedicated to showing the full breadth of the Queer community.

Having had spotlight programs on people transitioning between genders, the bisexual community and religious queers to name a few.

By becoming a member of Bent TV your support will help maintain and update much needed equipment as well as ongoing studio fees.




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C31 / DIGITAL 44 @ 10.00pm