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Bent TV is a volunteer organisation encompassing an audio visual production group dedicated to creating
engaging visual media to contribute to an inclusive society that affirms and accepts sexual and gender diversity.

The Bear Cave

Latest Segment

Friday May 20, 2016


Host:  Mark Hadden

Panel: Cam Smith, Robert Camm, and Robbie Latour

Topic: It’ all about sex and the belly in this segment of the Bear Cave, the two things vital to Bear culture. Is the belly best or bust in terms of sexual attraction? Different strokes for different folks but how fantastic it is that we are able to have a community that celebrates the bigger man and gets through people's anxiety about their bodies in such a positive way.

Contact the Bear cave - bearcave@benttv.org.au



Friday April 29, 2016

Friday April 08, 2016

Host:  Mark Hadden
Panel: Cam Smith, Robert Camm, and Robbie Latour
Topic: Is the Bear culture a relic of the 80's and no longer has a place in the not-so-brave new world where it's all about marriage and children and fitting in with the Jones' next door.  Encouraging that the newer generation represented by the Robs are a tad optimistic about the future.


Host:  Mark Hadden
Panel: Cam Smith & Frank.   Guest: Patrick (Mr VicBears 2016)
Topic: We timidly step into the Bear Cave where Cam Smith, Mark Hadden and Frank are joined by Patrick, Mr VicBears 2016, to talk whether age matters in the bear world.



Friday March 11, 2016

Friday February 05, 2016

Host:  Mark Hadden
Panel: Robert Camm, Frank and special guest Patrick (Mr VicBears 2016)
Topic: We meet Patrick, Mr VicBears 2016, in the Bear Cave as they celebrate 20 years of VicBears.


Host:  Mark Hadden
Panel: Steve Charles and James Houghton

Mark, James and Steve discuss the recognition within the Bear community of Mental Health awareness and people actively doing something about it.



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C31 / DIGITAL 44 @ 10.00pm