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Bent TV is a volunteer organisation encompassing an audio visual production group dedicated to creating
engaging visual media to contribute to an inclusive society that affirms and accepts sexual and gender diversity.

Melbourne’s Gender Diverse Community TV Program

In 1993 a group of people recognised there was a lack of, and an unrealistic, portrayal of GLBTIQ characters on television & the general media, from this realisation they founded Bent TV.

In association with Community Television Station 'Channel 31', Bent TV started to produce television for Melbourne’s diverse rainbow community and has acted as an outreach for many going through the challenging process of ‘coming out’ and reached out to those isolated from obtaining much needed resources and role models. Over the years Bent TV has produced television covering interviews with key community figures, artists, performers, festivals, community reports, and discussions of key issues concerning people who represent sexual and gender diversity.

Bent TV continues to be a non-profit, volunteer based, organisation, funded solely from memberships, donations, sponsorship and fundraising events. Run completely by volunteers Bent TV is an organisation made for the community, by the community.

Community Television not only enriches the lives’ of many of those around us but also keeps you up to date with local issues, events and an avenue for community organisations to get help their message out.





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C31 / DIGITAL 44 @ 10.00pm